Tips & Ideas





– The cake photographs better if the icing is “candle light”. It allows the design to stand out.

– The wedding cake is a representation of your personal style. Sharing with us what you love and what your style is helps us design your perfect cake.

– Love the vendors that you choose. Then you can relax and enjoy your wedding knowing you are in good hands.

– Wedding planners are priceless! They will help guide you through the process of planning and take the stress out of your wedding day.

– There are many icings available for wedding cakes. Certain icings are better for different techniques and designs. Let your cake artist help you with that.





– Dessert bars can make such a beautiful display at your reception. Casual or formal, guests love them.

– If you are not having a groom’s cake, put an extra layer of chocolate in the wedding cake. Chocolate is always a favorite!

– Your cake is the center piece of your reception. Be sure to display it on a beautiful linen or decorative table. Be creative!

– Now you can choose many flavors for your wedding cake. However, traditional wedding cake is what many guests look forward to having. Keeping a layer of the traditional wedding cake is always a good choice.

– If you have extra cake, have the staff box it up. Share it with both families. They will have guests and family in town. Breakfast cake is always delish!